Platelet-Rich Plasma Facials -Vampire Facials®

Using the body’s own natural resources, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is topically applied in combination with microneedling. This technique drives the PRP into the undersurface of the skin (dermis). This brings an increased concentration of anti-inflammatory property factors to the treatment site to stimulate new cell growth and regeneration. It is formulated to treat the overall loss of volume in the aging complexion.

• Rejuvenates skin.
• Increases volume.
• Improves tone, texture and luminosity of the skin.
• Stimulates new blood vessel formation and connective tissue repair (collagen and elastin).
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Diminishes the appearance of acne scarring.
• Decreases pore size.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does the process take?

A: Typically, the procedure is one-two hours. A numbing cream is applied to the face 15-30 minutes before the procedure.

Q: What is the downtime?

A: The face is slightly swollen and red for a couple of days. By day three the improved results are noticeable.

Q: Where is the blood removed from?

A: Blood is drawn from the arm and then spun in a centrifuge where the plasma rises to the top. It is then injected back into your face using extremely tiny, sterile needles.

Benessere Clinic is proud to offer Yonka-Ka Paris Skin Care both on our shelves and in each of our luxurious facials. Each one of our estheticians undergoes extensive training and attends regular continuing education to ensure that we are always providing top-of-the line services in our treatments. Please let your Esthetician know if you have a specific area of concern.

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Age defying

60-90 minutes – Optimizing firmness and lifting, this anti-aging treatment acts like a “personal trainer” for the skin. Aromatic stimulation enhances elasticity on the neck and face while peptides and minerals protect from free radical attacks. This anti-aging treatment features a highly concentrated peel to boost cell renewal, leaving the skin firm, radiant and smooth.


60-90 minutes – This fruit acid-based age prevention treatment infuses rich vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants to leave your skin instantly smoother and visibly brighter. A classic European spa facial plus an upgraded mask to leave your skin glowing.


60 minutes – This facial provides a solution for acne by extracting impurities, opening and deeply cleaning the pores, calming irritated skin, and restoring a healthy tone and balance.


30-60 minutes – This facial is for all skin types and prepares the skin for other treatments such as Dermaplaning, IPL and peels.  It hydrates, leaving you with a clean, perfectly balanced skin tone and a ready for the next step of you treatment plan.

Mini Facial

30 minutes – Customized cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, moisturizing and sun protection. This quick beauty break reveals a bright and glowing complexion.

Boost your facial for an extra fabulous experience. Add to any facial, + 15 minutes


This 15 minute add-on is a light exfoliation treatment with a feathered razor removes unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin cells.

Light Therapy Treatment

This noninvasive treatment uses a Pulsed Light Red light to increase collagen production, reduction of surface wrinkles and tighten dilated capillaries for a smoother, tighter appearance with zero recovery time. Blue light helps kill bacteria that cause acne.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is a facial?

A: A facial is a multi-step process that addresses your skin care concerns while also providing a relaxing treatment. At Benessere Clinic we offer a variety of Yon-ka style facials to address sagging skin, deep lines and wrinkles, acne, and pigmentation correction.

Q: What are the benefits of facials?

A: Facials offer ‘deep cleaning’, brightening, facial massage and hydration for purposes of keeping your skin looking its best.

Q: Are facials for men too?

A: Absolutely! We have a number of male clientele that receive facials regularly and is part of their normal grooming routine.

Q: What are extractions?

A: Extractions are a step utilized in the facial that is essential for those who suffer from breakouts or large pores. After exfoliating and prepping the skin, we manually remove blackheads, dirt, debris, and acne, leaving your skin smoother and clearer. Extractions are not included except when they are a necessity for you.

Q: I’ve never had a facial before. Which facial should I choose?

A: We recommend talking to our estheticians to best address your goals and concerns.

Q: What if I have cystic acne?

A: We recommend health care professionals that can better assist you.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: There can be a little redness because of the extractions. Sometimes a facial can also come with a purging effect that brings other things to the surface.

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