Diamond Glow Dermalinfusion

What is Diamond Glow – Dermal Infusion?

Diamond Glow -Dermal infusion is an advanced skin-resurfacing treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function, and appearance.

This 3 in 1 patented, non-invasive treatment is fully customizable and the perfect solution to address a wide variety of skin concerns and conditions from head-to-toe and is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Diamond Glow- Dermal Infusion is the first and only critically timed exfoliation treatment that provides optimal depth serum delivery into the skin for immediate and long-lasting results. This treatment is suitable for all skin types with no down time.  

What does Diamond Glow improve?

  • Anti-aging: fine lines & wrinkles, sallow skin
  • Hyperpigmentation: dark spots, sun damage, Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Dry and dehydrated skin
  • Oily-prone skin, enlarge pores
  • Rough skin texture
  • Fine lines, discoloration and sagging around delicate eyes and lips

How does Diamond Glow work?

The Diamond Glow treatment removes pore-clogging debris and the outermost layer of dry, dead skin with an exfoliating diamond-tip and gentle suction. It simultaneously delivers an infusion serum specially selected by your aesthetician to best treat and hydrate your skin.

Diamond Glow

Diamond Glow Before and AfterWhat is Diamond Glow downtime?

Diamond Glow is very well tolerated. The best infusion for your unique goals will be selected. Your Aesthetician will move the Diamond Glow wand across your face, delivering the infusion while abrading and removing dead skin and debris. You will feel a gentle, rough pressure, but should not expect to experience discomfort. The treatment typically takes about 30 minutes but our luxury treatment includes dermaplaning prior to the treatment and skin specific mask for a 60 minute treatment.

There is no real downtime associated with Diamond Glow.

What are the Diamond Glow results?

The removal of dead skin, dirt and other debris causes skin to appear noticeably smoother and more radiant after treatment. Because Diamond Glow delivers deep hydration, you’ll notice plumper, more moisturized skin. Diamond Glow infusions also improve specific skin issues over a series of treatments by delivering vitamins, antioxidants and other therapeutic ingredients that address skin quality, dullness, dryness, uneven complexion, and acne.

  • Volumizes Skin
  • Improves Radiance; Refreshes and Revives
  • Visibly Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Targets Skin Concerns and Optimizes Results
  • Gives a Lasting Youthful Boost
  • Stimulates Healthy Cell Renewal